Charter Management

With Greenwave, owning a boat has never been this easy.

Are you ready for your daydreams of boat ownership to come to life? Enjoy your sailboat while
we take care of the rest through our charter management program. Let us guide you through the
most cost-efficient process of owning a boat with minimum maintenance involvement and
maximum enjoyment. Experience not required.

So, what is charter management?

Charter management is a business model involving you, the boat owner, and us, the charter
company, in which we keep maintenance of your boat and offer it for rent when you don’t use it.
We then share the revenue from the rental.

That sounds amazing. How do I start?

You start by picking the yacht of your dreams. When choosing a boat, listening to your needs as
a user is of most importance. Feel free to seek advice from us during the process since we are
more than glad to help. Once we find a sailboat that suits your character, our brokers will search
the market, locate it and send you all the offers.

What do I do after finding my dreamboat?

Here starts the finance talk. Whether you opt for financing the yacht out of pocket or contacting
a leasing company or a bank, we are here to give you a hand in the process. While we can
advise you on reliable companies and banks in Croatia, the final financing process is yours to

Boat registration process

To charter your boat in Croatia, you must have her registered in a company’s name. Registering
to our agency is unfortunately not possible, so if you already haven’t, now is the time to have a
company registered in Croatia. Luckily, the process is not complicated, and you can count on
our assistance. After this, it is finally time to transfer the ownership of the boat from the previous
boat owner to your name.

Licenses and certificates

Once the boat is in your name, you must register and insure her. There are several licenses and
certificates a chartered yacht requires – please refer to us if you need additional information on
acquiring them.

Our business relationship

Now it is time for us to go through the paperwork together and determine all conditions of our
charter agreement. We will talk about your private use of the boat, the charter income split,
obligations and rights of both parties. Once everything is settled, we sign the contract, and the
charter starts.

Missing something? We’d be happy to help with any additional information through our contact. Thank you for choosing Greenwave
for your optimal sailboat charter experience.