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Green Wave charter

Green wave is a charter and agency with its headquarters in Biograd, at Kornati port and its primary line of business is renting sailboats. The agency was created as a result of years of experience dealing with renewable energy sources which are then implemented into the charter business. The philosophy of Green Wave rests on eco – friendly approach, dealing with its guests the same way it would deal with its vessels.

In its fleet, Green Wave holds 15 boats – 5 Bavaria Cruiser 47 (2009.) sailboats and 10 Beneteau Oceanis 38.1 (2018.) sailboats.

Green Wave will incorporate solar panels and windmills on its sailboats which will be used for producing electricity.

The charter will also promote its own Platform project – eco – friendly ports. The project is currently signed up for EU projects and is seeking financial support from EU funds, but also seeking concession for the location of the port itself.


Oceanis 38.1

Time course – How Green Wave charter came about


Komfor Klima Grupa d.o.o. was founded which preforms taks of designing, executing and investing infrastructural and construction installations with classic and renewable energy sources.


Komfor Klima Grupa d.o.o. redirects its longterm strategy into developing and manufacturing heating and cooling technologies which save energy and protect the environment. As a result, the company seriously starts investing in its own heat pump models for residential and industrial purposes. At the same time, the company is intensively working on cogenerational-trigonometric processes.


Komfor Klima Grupa d.o.o. purchases 5 Bavaria Cruises 47 sailboats (2009.) and commences with its charter business.


KKG works on a platform project – ports of the future. Ecologically – tourist ports intended for harboring transitional vessels with their own energy production from renewable energy sources, their own drinking water production with the process of desalination and their own production of effluent purifiers. The technology meets all EU standards and is in compliance with “the Mediterranean charter”. The project is being signed up for the Horizon 2020. program where it is presented as one of 10 Croatian projects. As such, the project is the only one in Europe, but also the world.


KKG purchases 10 new Beneteau Oceanis 38.1 sailboats (2018.).


KKG opens its own charter and agency which goes by the name of “Green Wave” in Biograd, at the Kornati Port.

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